Surety Bonds and Guarantees


C.S.I.B. has successfully assisted hundreds of Contractors in the provision of Bonds and Guarantees to secure projects in the UK and Overseas.

To obtain confirmation of terms we require a completed Bond Application Form together with a copy of the last Audited Accounts including recent Management Accounts or Draft Accounts if audited figures are more than 6 months old.


Performance Bonds
The requirement for a Performance Bond is commonplace in most commercial contracts, particularly in construction. Obtaining Performance Bonds and Guarantees from traditional sources, such as Banks, is often difficult and time consuming. CSIB understands these problems and makes the securing of Bonds and Guarantees as simple as possible.
Advance Payment Guarantees

In a wide range of supply contracts where an advance payment is being made, the client requires an Advance Payment Guarantee. The provision of this Guarantee normally results in the advance cash being made available for purchases within the contract without undue complications, CSIB are experienced in procuring this type of Guarantee.

Local Authority Bonds

Many Contractors are required to provide Bonds and Guarantees in favour of Local Authorities under Government legislation. CSIB are able to procure these Bonds on behalf of our clients to enable work to progress on a variety of projects. Some examples of these Bonds include:

  • Section 38 – Highways Act 1980, Adoption of New Highways
  • Section 40 – Water Industry Act 1990
  • Section 98 – 101 – Water Industry Act 1990, Sewer Requisition
  • Section 104 – Water Industry Act 1990, Sewer Adoption
  • Section 106 – Pre-planning Agreement
  • Section 278 – Highways Act 1980, Works Within The Highway
Commercial Performance Guarantees

CSIB is able to assist in any legitimate financial transaction, in most places throughout the world, provided the Guarantee is required for items other than the raising of capital.

Retention Bonds
Main Contractors often hold retentions from a Subcontractor during a project or after Practical Completion. We can arrange a Retention Bond at Practical Completion allowing the return of retentions held, or we can arrange a Retention Bond before a project commences allowing the Main Contractor to forego holding a retention altogether.
Deferred Payment Guarantees

When the whole or part of a business is bought or sold it is common practice that the purchase price is paid by instalments or deferred over a period of time. During this extended payment period the vendor may feel exposed. CSIB are experienced in securing hard to source Deferred Payment Guarantees making the negotiation and conclusion of a business sale and purchase agreement, faster, less stressful and most importantly more secure.

Rack Rent/Tenant Default Guarantees

Some companies experience difficulties in securing a lease on business premises. The answer is often a Rent Guarantee that replaces a cash deposit. CSIB is experienced in the selection and issue of such Guarantees, helping companies overcome this often-traumatic problem, which is otherwise resolved by lodging a large cash deposit with a landlord.

Supplier Payment Guarantees

Obtaining credit from Suppliers is a major problem for SMEs when economic conditions are challenging. CSIB can obtain Supplier Payment Guarantees, a simple Surety method ensuring a smooth source of supplies even when cash-flow is restricted.