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Insurance Products

We offer a full range of Commercial Insurances.

At CSIB we are recognised as a well-established Insurance Broker, specialising in Construction Insurance. This has been our core strength since we began our business in 1991.

Our insurance solutions have protected construction companies of every size and we can provide a vast range of products from reputable worldwide insurers to ensure your business is adequately covered.

CSIB provide peace of mind by making sure that when accidents occur, you have quality insurance you can rely on.

Employers Liability
Employers Liability is compulsory under UK law if you have employees or “labour only sub-contractors”. Even if your employees are part time, work experience or volunteers they can still be considered employees and Employers’ Liability insurance must be in place. It protects you against claims that might be brought against you should an employee or “labour only sub-contractor” die or injure themselves at work due to your negligence.

Additional benefits include: Defence Costs & Criminal Prosecution Defence Costs.

Limits up to £10,000,000 (higher limit upon request).

Public Liability
Public Liability is an essential requirement for your business. It protects you for your actions whilst at work and covers you and your employees for any damages that a member of the public or any other company may be awarded as a result of death or injury caused to them or for any damage to their property.

We can arrange cover up to £10,000,000 (Any One Event) with higher limits upon request.

Product Liability
Product Liability is designed to cover your legal liability for injury or damage caused by defect in any products you have manufactured or installed.

We can arrange cover up to £10,000,000 (In The Aggregate) with higher limits upon request.

Professional Indemnity
This cover offers protection for you against any advice or design input you give that causes a person or company to sustain a loss. This can include claims for alleged negligence, omission, error or breach of professional duty.

Additional benefits include: Incorrect Designs, Defamation and Libel, Loss of Documents, Legal costs, Employee Dishonesty & Breach of copyright.

Limits up to £10,000,000 (higher limit upon request).

Directors & Officers
This cover protects Directors and Senior Managers against action by third parties. As a Director, you can be held personally responsible for any actions and decisions you make on behalf of the company, putting your personal assets at risk if those decisions are tested in the courts. With changing laws and regulations our cover offers peace of mind with a reputable Insurer.
Business Interruption
This form of insurance is designed to cover any consequential loss your business suffers as a result of a disaster. It puts your business back in the same financial position as before an incident, while the facility is being rebuilt. Business interruption insurance is usually obtained when bought as part of a commercial combined policy or alongside property insurance, as the peril that causes a consequential loss must be insured.
Commercial Property
This form of insurance caters for ‘material damage’ to buildings and contents, most commonly perils such as fire, lightning, explosion, flood, malicious damage, theft, impact by road vehicles and terrorism. It can be tailored to suit the needs of your business to cover not just the building, but machinery, stock/work in progress, computers, other specialist equipment and loss of rent.
Group Personal Accident & Travel
Group PA & Travel (sometimes referred to as Group Personal Accident, Sickness and Business Travel) provides invaluable protection for Directors and Employees against short and long term absence as a result of accident, sickness and/or business travel incidents. Cover can be arranged on a wage roll basis and/or fixed sum insured, to cover Directors and Employees 24 hours a day for up to 75% of Gross Weekly Wage. In cases of fatal accidents, a lump sum is often provided to the family of the deceased and can assist with funeral costs.
Contractors All Risks
Our Contractors All Risks Policy is designed to provide protection for building and civil works during the Contract Period and can cover new builds, refurbishments, repairs or extensions. We can arrange policies on a specific contract basis or an annual policy to cover all contracts. Also cover for materials should they be damaged or stolen prior to completion can be accommodated. This policy can be extended to include Plant, Hired Plant, Employees’ Tools and Temporary Buildings or Site Huts.
Plant All Risks
Contractors Plant can be susceptible to losses from a variety of causes. For example, plant can be stolen from a site, damaged in transit or destroyed by a Fire. We can arrange All Risks cover for Owned Plant & Machinery, Plant Hired-In, Employee’s Tools and Temporary Buildings or Site Huts.
JCT Clauses Insurance
Building contracts using the standard JCT forms can include clause 21.2.1 (or under alternative contract forms 6.2.4, 6.5.1) which sets out non-negligence insurance requirements relating to the possibility of damage to property caused by collapse, subsidence, heave, vibration, weakening or removal of support or lowering of ground water caused by your building works. Without this insurance you could find yourself liable for the costs of damage suffered by neighbouring properties and in breach of their contract.
Motor Fleet
Many of our general Contractor Clients require insurance to cover the use of their Motor Fleet as part of their business. We are able to arrange extremely competitive Motor Fleet terms for fleets ranging from 3 – 50 vehicles.
Staff Dishonesty
Provides cover for your business against loss of ‘insured property’ following theft or fraud by employees. Therefore, protecting your money, balances, stock, equipment and machinery – all of which could be costly to your business.
Office Combined
Many of our general Contractor Clients require insurance to cover an office and its contents as part of their business. We are able to arrange very competitive Office terms as part of a Combined Liability package.
When computers breakdown or go missing, replacing the equipment is easy. Recovering the invaluable, yet intangible assets within often proves the greatest challenge. We can write competitive Computer Insurance terms with a specialist Insurer to meet any specific requirements our Clients may have, including replacement for Accidental Damage, Repair Costs, Theft, Virus Cover and Information Recovery.


CSIB Unique Insurance Schemes


In addition to providing all traditional Construction insurances John Curran and Sean are working with other specialist colleagues to develop new facilities for Insured Construction Warranties and Environmental Indemnities.


Combined Liability for Contractors with Syndicate 2525 @ Lloyd's
We have established close links with Lloyd’s brokers Kinetic and Lloyd’s underwriters Syndicate 2525 who share our recognition of the particular needs of Specialist Contractors.

Combined Liability Insurance is the first consideration for all Contractors in the Construction Industry and thus is the subject of our first initiative. We will consult with each Specialist to ensure that their ongoing insurances embrace everything that they do. This allows for cover to be tailored to the requirements of you and your construction business and has the advantages of increased competitiveness, fewer gaps in cover and simplified administration for our clients.

Policies typically include cover for Employers’ Liability, Public and Products Liability. The unique Syndicate 2525 policy also includes ReWage and Direct Settlement features (see below).

ReWage (Combined Liability for Contractors) with Syndicate 2525 @ Lloyd's
Syndicate 2525 has developed the ReWage Scheme as part of its Combined Liability Package. This is an intelligent initiative by the Insurer that encourages the Employer to continue paying an Employee following an accident at work. Policyholders who use ReWage benefit from a considerable reduction in the cost of claims being made against them by Employees injured at work, and of course the Employee benefits from peace of mind knowing they will continue to be paid after an injury necessitating a medically certified absence exceeding four weeks. The Insurer then reimburses all net wages from the date of the accident and pays £500 to the Policyholder for each incident accepted under the ReWage extension.
Direct Settlement (Combined Liability for Contractors) with Syndicate 2525 @ Lloyd's
Syndicate 2525 has developed the Direct Settlement Scheme to assist the Employer and Employee following injury at work. The injured Employee can obtain compensation without needing to instruct a solicitor, avoiding significant legal costs. The Scheme relies upon Policyholders providing notification of an incident – as required by the policy – prior to the involvement of a solicitor acting for the injured Employee. Typically, where the Policyholder/Employer is considered to be legally liable for the injuries sustained and a formal claim is deemed inevitable, the Direct Settlement Scheme will likely be suitable. The injured Employee is invited to ‘apply for compensation’. Once the Employee’s injuries have been determined and his financial losses established, the Insurer will make an offer of compensation. If the offer has been reduced to reflect contributory negligence on the part of the Employee, the loss adjuster will fully explain the reasoning for this to the Employee. The offer of compensation will be accompanied by £250 as a ‘Consultation Contribution’ so the Employee can seek legal advice to ensure they have been treated fairly.

Additional benefits include:

  • Employees have the option of obtaining compensation directly from the Employers’ Liability Insurer without having to obtain legal representation to pursue a claim on their behalf.
  • Typically, up to 40% of the cost of claims are legal costs and eliminating these will benefit your claims history as an Employer and keep premiums low
  • Medical rehabilitation services to ensure appropriate treatment and hasten recovery for the Employee
  • Settlement can be achieved without delay as soon as an Employee is deemed medically fit to return to work. Once compensation settlement or interim damages are agreed, the Employee will normally receive a cheque within 10 working days
  • The law allows three years from the date of an accident to bring a claim through the courts. An Employee can withdraw from discussions with the Insurer at any stage before settlement and pursue the claim with legal representation within this period if they prefer
ContractSecure™ Legal Expenses Insurance for Contractual Disputes
ContractSecure™ is our unique Contract Dispute Costs Insurance.

In an ideal world Clients and Main Contractors award contracts to Specialist Contractors, who then carry out satisfactory work on time and get paid straight away.

Unfortunately, as many Specialists know, this world is far from ideal and disputes arise every day – often entirely unconnected with unsatisfactory work, but more to do with Client/Main Contractor reluctance to pay up. As the economic pressure on the industry grows, there is a distinctly visible escalation in these “phoney wars”.

In 1991 we introduced ContractSecure™ to provide Specialist Contractors with the necessary power to pursue and defend their contractual rights against bigger and more powerful opponents. In our experience since launching this product, one advantage for our Clients who hold this Policy becomes apparent when opponents learn that ContractSecure™ is in place and a protracted dispute would prove unacceptably costly to even a major Client or Main Contractor.

ContractSecure™ helps you manage the dispute before it becomes a calamity.

Some key benefits of this Policy include:

  • Initial guidance from a knowledgeable construction professional upon discovering the problem
  • Further advice from the policy administrators, if the dispute continues or escalates
  • Legal or other consultant advice
  • Cover for Adjudication
  • Cover for Arbitration and litigation
  • Plus the policy includes a review of your contract making procedures
  • A sliding scale of premiums based on turnover, which makes ContractSecure™ very affordable for all Specialist Contractors at much less than 1% of annual turnover

 Surety Bonds and Guarantees


CSIB are Construction Insurance and Surety experts, our experience and skill in this specialist market has led us to successfully assist hundreds of Contractors of all kinds in the provision of Bonds and Guarantees to secure projects throughout the UK and Overseas.

We provide advice in respect of the selection of Bond Providers, negotiation of Bond Wording and agreement of appropriate and acceptable Security arrangements. We can negotiate virtually any Conditional Bond wording, but we will only arrange On Demand bonds in exceptional circumstances.

To obtain confirmation of terms we require a completed Bond Application together with a copy of last Audited Accounts, including recent Managerial or Draft Accounts if audited figures are more than six months old. Upon receipt of both we aim to provide a quotation within 48 hours.

Download the Bond Application form here. And use Adobe reader to complete.


Performance Bonds
The requirement for a Performance Bond is commonplace in most commercial contracts, particularly in construction. Obtaining Performance Bonds and Guarantees from traditional sources, such as Banks, is often difficult and time consuming. CSIB understands these problems and makes the securing of Bonds and Guarantees as simple as possible.
Advance Payment Guarantees

In a wide range of supply contracts where an advance payment is being made, the client requires an Advance Payment Guarantee. The provision of this Guarantee normally results in the advance cash being made available for purchases within the contract without undue complications, CSIB are experienced in procuring this type of Guarantee.

Local Authority Bonds

Many Contractors are required to provide Bonds and Guarantees in favour of Local Authorities under Government legislation. CSIB are able to procure these Bonds on behalf of our clients to enable work to progress on a variety of projects. Some examples of these Bonds include:

  • Section 38 – Highways Act 1980, Adoption of New Highways
  • Section 40 – Water Industry Act 1990
  • Section 98 – 101 – Water Industry Act 1990, Sewer Requisition
  • Section 104 – Water Industry Act 1990, Sewer Adoption
  • Section 106 – Pre-planning Agreement
  • Section 278 – Highways Act 1980, Works Within The Highway
Supplier Payment Guarantees

Obtaining credit from Suppliers is a major problem for SMEs when economic conditions are challenging. CSIB can obtain Supplier Payment Guarantees, a simple Surety method ensuring a smooth source of supplies even when cash-flow is restricted.

Commercial Performance Guarantees

CSIB is able to assist in any legitimate financial transaction, in most places throughout the world, provided the Guarantee is required for items other than the raising of capital.

Retention Bonds
Main Contractors often hold retentions from a Subcontractor during a project or after Practical Completion. We can arrange a Retention Bond at Practical Completion allowing the return of retentions held, or we can arrange a Retention Bond before a project commences allowing the Main Contractor to forego holding a retention altogether.
Deferred Payment Guarantees

When the whole or part of a business is bought or sold it is common practice that the purchase price is paid by instalments or deferred over a period of time. During this extended payment period the vendor may feel exposed. CSIB are experienced in securing hard to source Deferred Payment Guarantees making the negotiation and conclusion of a business sale and purchase agreement, faster, less stressful and most importantly more secure.

Media Guarantees

Media finance can be both complex and sophisticated in its structure, CSIB are able to provide tailored solutions, predominantly in traditional “gap finance” support.

Rack Rent/Tenant Default Guarantees

Some companies experience difficulties in securing a lease on business premises. The answer is often a Rent Guarantee that replaces a cash deposit. CSIB is experienced in the selection and issue of such Guarantees, helping companies overcome this often-traumatic problem, which is otherwise resolved by lodging a large cash deposit with a landlord.

Made to Measure Guarantees

The requirement for a Bond or Guarantee is becoming so commonplace that sometimes a Guarantee appears not to fit into the CSIB product range. With the exception of raising capital, all of the Bond and Guarantee requirements for an SME can be provided.
Our flexible approach ensures that even hard to find Guarantees can be made available quickly and with the minimum of fuss.