Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Who are the CSIB?
A – The Construction Specialist Insurance Bureau is a commercial insurance brokerage specialising in Construction Insurance and Construction Industry Surety Bonds.

Q – How do I obtain a quotation from CSIB?
A – Simply fill in one of our online Enquiry Forms or contact us here.

Q – How Long will it take to obtain a Quotation?
A – With Bonds and Guarantees we will normally quote within 48 hours. Certain classes of insurance may take a little longer depending on the complexity of the risk.

Q – Once we have received a quotation, can we discuss it?
A – Yes – we encourage you to do so

Q – Are the CSIB FCA regulated?
A – Yes

Q – If I ask for a Bond or Insurance quotation, is there any obligation to commit?
A – No. There is no obligation to commit once you receive a quotation. We believe our high level of service and competitive rates speak for themselves.

Q – What is a Bond and what does it provide?
A – Providing a Bond as part of a contractual agreement gives comfort to the Acceptor/Beneficiary should you default on your obligations under your contract.

Q – I have an On Demand Wording. Would this be acceptable?
A – No. Our Sureties will not accept ‘On Demand’ wordings. Corporate Sureties and Insurance Companies will only write ‘Conditional’ wordings, which is in their interest and your interest as the client giving the guarantee.

Q – Why am I being asked for an On Demand Bond and what does it mean?
A – Some Contractors/Employers may request an ‘On Demand’ Bond because it can be called upon unconditionally, which leaves the client with little footing to dispute a spurious claim. Banks tend to be the only institutions who write ‘On Demand’ Bonds, because they fully secure themselves treating the Bond as ‘Use of Facility’ i.e. they take 100% cash to secure the Bond.


There are many questions that might be added to this list, CSIB have many years of experience in answering technical questions about Commercial Insurance and Surety Bonds, the fast track to finding out what you need to know, is to submit a live enquiry.
This can be achieved by fully completing our enquiry form, either online or by downloading. One of our professional team will deal directly with your request. Should we require any further information we will of course contact you. Normally, your enquiry will be processed within 48 hours!